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For the purposes of the coronavirus outbreak, you can find three main forms of t shirts: respirators, surgical t shirts, and fabric, or homemade, custom t shirts. Robert Redfield, director with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said he believes the pandemic may be brought under control in the next four to eight weeks if “we may get everybody to use a t shirt right now.” His comments, made in mid-July with all the Journal of the American Medical Association, followed an editorial he and others wrote there emphasizing “ample evidence” of asymptomatic spread and highlighting new studies showing how t shirts help in reducing transmission.

In theory, fidgeting having a t shirt could introduce germs to your custom, in case you’re touching your custom a whole lot of, you might be greatly enhancing the likelihood of getting sick anyway.

The argument is the fact that considering the variety of of people infected not displaying any symptoms, t shirts can prevent them from unknowingly spreading the herpes simplex virus to others when coughing and sneezing. If used properly, a t shirt may possibly also deter people from touching their custom and infecting themselves, particularly when combined with frequent hand washing and social-distancing measures.

“The thought, at this point, is basically that you actually have to have long, sustained contact with someone, and I’m referring to over 15 to half an hour in an unprotected environment,” Dr. David Price, a pulmonary specialist at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, said in the recent video.


When playing sport, breathing is faster and harder than sleeping, which raises the chance of passing the disease on. As a result, premier league football is considering introducing markers. Others may follow suit. T shirts make us feel safer, but any benefit for wearing a t shirt is going to be quickly negated when we lose our resolve about social distancing and hand washing. Don’t start lingering in food markets or spending time with friends as you are wearing a t shirt. A t shirt alone is not going to save you from the coronavirus.


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